Smoking Crack Unfortunatle Makes Me Feel Great!
Posted: November 2, 2016, 10:40 PM

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You can't beat that's he's not gay,,,it's the coke telling him he's gay??no he never mentioned a family or have girlfriends/wife.....I know a man whose lives a normal life with a family and when he does crack,,he feels like it's ok to jerk off with his guy friends,,,and they also do the same,,,watching porn... sometimes they would have a woman there,,,but she knew when it was time to go to bed,,,,,he would want her to touch his friends,,,,so this man did this for years,,,working raising a family,,same male friends he would play with on a weekend once a month or so..that was just sniffing coke,,,the 80s,,,now he smokes once a month,,,his wife passed away almost 20 yrs ago,,,he really went through about 1 million dollars 6 yrs after his wife passed,,,,,cuz he started smoking round the clock,,,,poor man would try getting off somehow,,he has lived with another woman forv12 yrs and knew him during the 6yrs of non stop smoking,,,and he did keep the same male friends throughout his highs n lows,,,,as he got older he got into kinky taboo like fantasy while doing coke,,,, even though his p**** wasn't hard after the use of the drug he would have to touch it. He doesn't get to do it much anymore he kept his home(thank God) and has a daughter and grandkids,,,who never knew about the money or the parting. His attitude is very angry and mean now. He gets mad if you say what becuz you didn't hear him. But he's all mouth no hit....i know the lady that lives with him ,,,,takes alot of emotion abuse,,,yet she has stuck by him more than a family member.....I guess she helped him live out some of those taboo fantasies,,,,I think coke has different phases the longer you do first it's all good ,,but after your first bad encounter,,police,,fire,, ANYTHING can make your next phase terrible,, people do what there used to doing with others,,,,I never sat around and wanted sex or to be naked...but to each is own,,,,,it's a long time since he posted I wonder what happened to him ,, hopefully he's alive and well.....if you fantasize about the same thing when you masterbate and your not high then you mite have homosexual tendency.....and it's OK. I promise it will be OK for all of's fantasy just protect yourself,,,,even doing oral.....thanks for not judging....I didn't
Posted: June 11, 2018, 1:17 AM

Johnson I have the same problom and yes i now think im gay too I finally said enough is enough i spent all my enheritence on crack 11,000 dollers and i owe 400 to 1 guy and 300 to 2 others i decided i need to stop i would pay them off each month and they would front me untill i was high again and continue fronting me untill they grew tired of me demanding they get there $ back each mount i get paid once a month so i was in a rut i went into treatment through the va but as soon as i got out 30 days 1 came to me wiped out his c*** and smoked in front of me i went down er u back in trouble so 6 months later i decided to ignore my front door and i ignored my phone stayed in house like a well just stayed in house its been 5-6 monts now but am constantly thinking i want more crack but tell my self im clean fortunatly i never gave them my real phone number i made 1 on google voice (in the setting of google voice i can disable it from ringing my home phone) ifinally i see they arnt calling me every day i never once listen to any of there recordings and never answered the door i bought ear plugs and put them in far so i wont heare door banging and yelling outside and prayed they didnt start braking my windows or somthing im still clean last i used was 5-6 months back 2018 this year i pray for you im starting to feel safe but still afraid to walk to corner store my car was stolen so i call for a ride everywhere i need to go The girl who helps me is my old nabor she moved away because of the crime in naborhood i live in a city houses 3 feet apart some closer then that so i hope it will work for me and if it do maybe it will work for you too just ignore them keep hiding but dont use anymore unless you can aford to pay them give them the $ like they do for your hit call them tell them its in the mailbox and dont answer door or give to someone you trust to pay but if your like me the only people i know i trust as far as them walking out of room lol good luck to us both
Posted: July 20, 2018, 1:11 AM

Any one close to me . Want u
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