Christ,how Long???
Posted: January 7, 2010, 10:05 PM

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Hi folks,this is my first post on this site and am fightin the beast,usin too too long cannot beat the withdrawals and i'm sick of it"sick of bein sick"and gettin help!Dont make me Laugh!!!Anywaqy i've just found this site so her go's................
Posted: April 6, 2010, 7:05 AM

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how sick of being sick are you, you have an inner strength that keeps you trying to get well or you wouldn't have shrared tour frustration, of the chase the wait the sickness with or with-out, sick of being sick yeh, well i can relate!!!! detox ,dry out sober up lost friends family jobs and self worth, sick of being the victim of my sickness, unwellness. I learnt thruogh trial and error relapse after relapse, your reaching out now so you have the desire to get well, to leave the sickness and somewhat living hell! This is my first time on this site, i have been a dinosauer to technology, engrossed in my own pain and living hell. I to needed something to get me out of my negative thoughts and self denial for a richer and more fullfilled life. Many phonecalls to self-help lines, the more i stepped back to see how people who arn't sick live the higher my desire to get well became.It was hard really f---ing hard, it was my illness that got me well, sounds strange, yet when youv'e been down and out enough times for long periods of time you learn, survival skills, now relearn how to live, whats that you ask, funny so did i, be serious with yourself and give yourself the right to live without feeling guilty. I was sick now i am six years clean, i've hit rocky patches, but chose to let them make me stronger. Empower your-self and allow yourself to get well, even if it means phsychiatric help as i did and still do but i now have a life not survval, i am living, regular food, sleep and exercise and yes my medications, I am studying at tafe and have been able to restore family support and friendship. yes i had to drop off a lot of so called friends, where are they now,some still doing the same old same old, others no longer here, and a few like me who have chose to make a better life for myself. Meditation instead of obliviation, appreciation for looking,asking and appling the help that i needed to get well. I wish you strength and determination to get charge of your life and most of all gey well!!!! Believe in yourself i do!
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