I Did A Slow Suboxone Taper While Pregnant And....
Posted: August 11, 2017, 1:18 PM

I had been tapering for almost a year when i found out i was pregnant. I have since then gotten into college and got a job, got my life back! I was on less than 1mg a day, and decided when my dr said it was the best time to taper i would. For my circumstances it was the best thing to do, if i didnt need to be on it then why be on it. i was on such a low dose, no other medical issues and no chance of relapse.

Three months later and i am free of drugs! I just want others to know it is possible, very SLOWLY. I dealt with minor WD's like body aches and very mild RLS (which could have even been pregnancy related) throughout and i made sure it didn't get worse than that. Now that i am clean and the physical symptoms have subsided i deal with mild depression/no motivation and am very tired. but i keep telling myself this will pass too, and before i know it i will have my baby girl in my arms.

The one thing i am wondering and i cant seem to find any research or information is is there still a chance of NAS? I am about 7 months, so i still have 2-2.5 months left till my due date. I have a feeling everything is going to be ok im just curious. It seems there is much info on woman being on suboxone while pregnant but nothing on woman who have tapered off completely months before delivery. Any info is appreciated.

Posted: August 15, 2017, 10:26 PM

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Hi! the reason you aren't finding much information is that almost every maternal/fetal medicine doctor (high risk ob) will keep you on either methadone or subutex..Suboxone is contraindicated in pregnancy due to the naloxone and it's effects on the developing fetus).

Weaning off any opiate, even when done slowly, is dangerous to the developing fetus. Withdrawal of the mother, even when mild, has been shown to cause miscarriage, slow fetal growth in utero and fetal demise (death of the fetus). You are very lucky that so far none of these things have been an issue.

Even though you have been off of your Suboxone for a short time, I urge you to get an appointment with a high risk obstetrician. The mild physical symptoms you continue to feel are also experienced by the growing fetus, and even a "mild" withdrawal can lead to a very sad outcome.

I am not trying to scare you or to take away you accomplishment of weaning off of Suboxone, but it is imperative that you see a high risk specialist and make sure you tell the doctor exactly what you were taking and how quickly you stopped and what you are feeling now. Don't worry about being judged...your responsibility is to bring a healthy baby into the world and guidance from a knowledgeable professional who has no doubt dealt with hundreds of mothers who were opiate dependent, can be the difference between a healthy baby and a horrific tragedy!

Good luck and keep us posted!!!!!
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