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Posted by: (deleted) July 4, 2019, 7:04 PM

Posted by: Recovery Now!! July 6, 2019, 6:18 AM
Aye I can only assume your new to addiction?! My every withdrawal from heroin lasted less than 10-12 days from last use. Yes the opiates are almost untraceable 3-4 days from last use. But and provided you've not relapsed you know very well that shot just got real. The only thing that's ever helped my withdrawal is simply Suboxen. Taken at the very least 24 hours after last use of Heroin it almost 100% takes the bite outta detoxing. It allows you to sleep. The wake up even after the first night with no monkey on your back. Sounds to good I know. It's all useless though unless you have a solid plan on how to not use anymore when your detox is complete! My suggestion is before your fully done contact your family doctor. If you don't have one ask for a referral to a doctor familiar with Vivotrol. There's no wait list. State insurance covers 100% every single bit of the cost. Vivotrol is a once monthly injection given by your doctor. It eliminates 99% of cravings and urges to use Heroin. And if by slim chance you do relapse you will feel literally nothing what so ever!! So in your time of weakness it protects you. It lasts 28-30 days per injection. Virtually zero side effects. The biggest complaint is injection site soreness. I feel it's more than a fair trade. Be dope sick be morally corrupt be useless to myself and those around me or give myself the fighting chance I deserve?? I've given enough to my drug addiction. At some poi t we either make a stand or its jails,institution's or death. I promise you if you are ignorant to any of this your drug addiction will be sure to have you fully educated in these three things if only you give it permission.
I hope and pray your path with drugs stops now rather than later or not at all.

Posted by: (deleted) July 6, 2019, 12:57 PM