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Posted by: Kat Eliza September 3, 2016, 3:01 AM
Hello my name is Kat. I am truly addicted to cough syrup already it is sad. It has only been a few days. I wen through a bad split. My fiancé dumped me over a message and at first I didn't care what I didn't realize was I couldn't feel it. I went to a clinic and got prescribed bromphenir-psuedoephed DM. It tastes disgusting. I ended up drinking half the bottle. I was extremely depressed and the syrup gets rid of my feelings. It is a syrup that lasts for 10 days and I've had it for 4. I am craving more and more... I am embarrassed, I know I need help, I've never truly been addicted to something. I made sure to get every last drip of it by mixing it into water. That's how bad I have gotten in such a short term. I don't know what to do. HELP! I feel dizziness, sleepy all day, but I know I'm still here just like a nice buzz. But I don't want it to get worse....