Day 3 Of This Normal?
Posted: December 19, 2015, 2:55 AM

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I've been a regular user for 8 years, i didn't go a day without and smoked usually a couple of gr a day. I tried quitting in the summer but i felt awful, almost suicidal:/ This time is much easier, i think because i want it more. The thing is that i'm not getting the symptoms i got before which is odd (dreams, anger, unhappiness and severe depression). I am on edge yes, but i don't feel myself making excuses to start again, and i'm pretty proud of myself for going 3 days so far!:) BUT what i have found this time is that i am SO tired!! i mean more tired than how smoking made me feel. i don't mind this so much since i stay at home and can accommodate this, but is this normal??? i thought insomnia was a huge withdrawal problem? i still don't have any initiative to do physical things, like when i was a smoker but i'm thinking in time i will. I do have the anger issues but no where near as much as before, anything set me off and i was very teary too. I feel what i am angry at is justified, whereas before i would get angry at anything. Is it just too soon? or am i lucking out this time? I also have an increase in appetite!!! go figure! Before i only wanted to eat when i was high and snack foods, i'm finding now i want meals and my stomach actually growls. I just want my life back, i've had no social life all this time, whereas before i was always out, i'm sick of the routine and lack of energy. With such high THC content in my body, at what point will it leave my system for good? i understand cravings will be there, but i want to flush this crap out of my body asap. Another issue i have is getting over the guilt of wasting 8 years:/ 8 good years that i could have spent focusing on important things instead of getting my hands on weed, i feel guilt that i placed it #1 on my list instead of my family and friends, 8 years i can't get back and i really regret it.

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