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Posted by: justjane August 27, 2020, 10:16 AM
Ok one more month under my belt. I think for the most part things are straightening out. I still want a smoke occassionally. However, the thought that I dont want to smoke supercedes the thought that this time could be different. I am chubby. It was my fear. Now I am here I am at least up 20 pounds. I haven't been running. Doesnt that sound odd that I would not run when I quit smoking ?! I can't make sense of it. The thing it would do is my carrot on the stick to get me out there. When I say I haven't been running. I ran a half last week and I am running one this weekend. I jsut havent been doing any training runs in between. My perseptions are skewed. Anyways. Checking in and letting you'all know I am still SMober & Sober. I am grateful girl. I wrote in my journal last night how happy and normal I feel. THen I slept like total s*** and I fill like I am in a fog. The sleep thing will pass. I have for the most part been sleeping pretty good. I never sleep super good. Life is good and I hope to live a little more quality life bc I put donw my smokes.