Posted: October 9, 2016, 10:42 PM

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I am new here currently looking for a way to gettoff xanax and opiods. I am a single parent cant do inpatient cause I have daily responsibilities and a child to care for and my child is fine umaware ofmy problem as most of my family. I have no one to tell except my boyfreind knows he is facing norco pill withdrawal coming soon and he feels he needs to get through this at home detoxing so it doesnt affect his daily life as well. he says for me to start tapering down on the xanax and then when it comes to be my turn to withdraw then he can help me. Im preety unsurehow to react what to feel and upset for getting in to this mess. I am looking for outpatient help and lots of being able to have others to talk to work this through
I am pretty scared and dont know what to do and whenso this doesnt ruin my life i feel theres no one to talk to andno way out.
Posted: October 10, 2016, 10:46 AM

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find information, support in NA and the outpatient programs. read about withdrawls in these postings. set yourself up for success - diet, exercise, OTC medicines, supplements, vitamins, lots of water, rest. understand what withdrawls you might experience - look them up on line - headache, insomnia, depression, anxiety. just knowing they are symptoms that will pass will help to get through it. Read about others daily symptoms. they can last weeks to months, but at some point will turn for the better. it isnt quick, it is a life style change. strategize how to handle triggers. stay away from the people and places and things. you may not really know what a good decision you have made, to quit, until a year from now when you can reflect on improvements. Doing this together is good. write down short term goals for each other and re-read and update it weekly. Let us know how you are doing! the longer you can be clean, the less complicated life will become. once you are off - explore alternative therapies (massage, yoga, exercise, a hobby to keep you busy) for your ailments.
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