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Posted by: justjane October 28, 2020, 10:26 AM
Still SMober & sober. I have a ton of life of lifes terms. A lot of things that I cant do a damn thing about but that are also upsetting and ovrerwhleming. Mom in the hospital and I was grateful to not have to go out and have a smoke or deal with the anixety. When I have a clear head things are so much less stressful. I can more readily see what i have control over and what I dont. My son violated his probation so will likely go back to prison. My brother got drunk and took a loaded gun told his wife he was going to commit suicide. He is holding the whole family hostage. Not physically but mentally. I usually dont let myself get sucked in. I did last night though. Anyways. Life is good today. In spite of all the thigns that are happening I am so glad I dont have to find an excuse to drink. I just take life on lifes terms and do whats in front of me. Had to check in and let you all know. Trying to make it to a year. For now I will just do today.