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Posted by: Barb April 24, 2020, 7:12 AM
I was sober for 3 years from alcohol. I relapsed about a year ago and have since had a few relapses that lasted a a few days. We have been trying doing fertility treatments trying to conceive our first child . My last relapse was the last straw for my husband. He refused to even consider EVER having a child with me bc he thinks I can.t manage 9 months sober. I have made more personal growth and changes over the last few months I hardly recognize yself. He is t interested in acknowledging my growth or even setting a goal/timeline for which he would reconsider having a child. I don’t have any desire to drink and I absolutely love all that I’ve accomplished since the relapse but it isn’t enough for him. I’m 33 and will feel like my life wasn’t fully fulfilled if I don’t have a child be my oartner doesn’t believe that I’m strong enough to make changes. What do I do? I feel the clock ticking constantly and my resentment towards him growing daily. Is it time to cut my losses?

Posted by: 12 stepper April 25, 2020, 6:50 AM
What are you doing to stay sober? Are you going to meetings? Active in AA? Going to therapy? How are you showing him you are serous about recovery?