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Posted: April 14, 2015, 6:39 AM

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Hi my name is casey :) My best friend started a page on facebook. Called soberology. It is a page for recovering addicts.. family of addicts.. relapsing addicts.. or just plain addicts. It is a secret page and is unsearchable, unless your a member. It is a support group and there are many of the members stories on the page as well. ONLY the members of the page can see your posts. If anyone is interested in checking it out. Please get ahold of me and i can make you a member :) If you know anyone that can benefit from our page please come forward with a name. .i can say that you referred them or not. And once again it is a judgefree zone and all of the members are one of the following ^^. THANKS let me know what you think <3
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