Methadone/xanax Overdose
Posted: November 18, 2017, 11:30 PM

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I am new here. I wanted to share my story. My sister died 8 years ago from a methadone/Xanax overdose. She had been on both drugs for several years and kept over medicating herself without her doctor's knowledge. She was only 52. She wasn't answering her phone for 3 days so my other sister did a well-check on her and found her dead in her bathroom. She had been on the toilet and landed with her forehead down and her butt in the air. A very embarrassing position if she only knew. The coroner said she died instantly as she just stopped breathing. She had her coffee on the table and her reading glasses around her neck as she was playing solitaire on the computer before she went into the bathroom. She had just made a meal. Could have been breakfast or lunch. The family had to watch the coroner take our sister out of her home of 30 years in a body bag. The family could see her personality changes for a couple of years and it progressed with time. We didn't realized that her addiction had put her so near death. We feel bad that we didn't have an intervention with her before it happened. Our father had just passed 8 months prior and my sisters and I were expecting our inheritance checks in the mail just 2 weeks after she died. She had planned on building a new house on her property in the country and was excited. She never got that check. I miss her so much!
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