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Posted by: Trickytricky August 6, 2018, 5:37 PM
I'm hear to share my story and read others with hope that I will learn what the future holds and sort it out before it's too late

About me, I'm mid 30s,have been taking coke regularly since the age of about 18, I've always worked and paid my way. Over the last few years I've been spending more and more on coke, this year,after selling my house and moving in with my partner with intention to do her (now 'our' house up). Behind her back I've spent over £30000 (thirty thousand) on my ever increasing coke and drink habit. I'm now back to having the no money in the bank and slowly but surely going schizo,I think everyone is trying to do me over in someway and trust no one. I try to tell myself that it's just the drugs but it doesn't help.. My doctor has been told all of this but isn't offering any help as it's obviously out of his league. Who should I speak to for help? NHS is rubbish for me with this.

Posted by: Trickytricky August 6, 2018, 5:39 PM
That's £30000 I've spent on it since Feb this year 2018...