Living In True Gratitude!!a Day At Time
Posted: January 19, 2022, 3:04 PM

Hope everyone is having another 24 hours is blessing!!!!

My name is Angie and i am a recovery meth addict.
my life has been a cloud of smoke,
I'm a survivor of sexual mental physical abuse as a child i lived in secret since i was 3 or four years old.
finding love in the wrong places. I ran on emotions and the ran me to the next hit of meth . i felt if anyone had reason to stay high it was me. i endorsed the child hood and grew up so
mis understood. I ran from everything and always expected to be hurt. if my own blood got way with it i could only imagine what the world had for me. i found love through gangs and gang members . i had many boyfriends one was never enough then i went to women still that void could never be filled.
my bottom almost gave me 7 years in prison. i could do time then what???? I decided to stop trying to do alone and find help to heal deal and understand why i am so self sabotaging. i am not use to success in my family eyes i never be good enough. but in gods i eyes i get a fresh start thank god
i no longer need to stress on the drama only on how to better and love the person i am in recovery love you god-bless you are not alone and i am here for you all.
Posted: January 19, 2022, 5:47 PM

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OUTSTANDING. i had a journey with a lot of "lumps" picked up a dope and methadone habit once, for twenty five years. ha ha ha! i got free. our all loving creator got me thru, and then a lot more. i love that you have done the same. OUTSTANDING JOB. hats off to you, all day long
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