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Posted by: Browndog113 March 15, 2018, 4:16 AM
This is where I am at now. I haven't used in a couple months (I only count 1 day at a time). Each morning I wake up and I want to get high on my drug(s) of choice---heroin, dilaudid and other opiates.

BUt I don't have a whole day of struggle, only a moment of decision. To take or not to take my suboxone.

So, before I do anything else, I take my suboxone and know that I can't use. The desire and craving dissipate for their is no opiate I can get high on. The subs also reduce the craving.

I know there are downsides to sub, but right now it is the best thing for me as part of my recovery.

Posted by: 12 stepper March 15, 2018, 8:25 AM
f it works for you go for it. I know you've been struggling a long time. What are you doing along with it?

Posted by: Browndog113 March 16, 2018, 4:35 PM
I have got to find something. I'm just not getting what i need from na. I am going to try aagain because there does not seem to be other choices out there. Years ago I went to a place called overcomers anonymous which seemed to help, but I don't know if they still exist.


Posted by: 12 stepper March 17, 2018, 7:19 AM
I tried NA and didn't like it either but I found my recovery at AA. People were older and seemed more serious about recovery. It all boils down to the steps and a good sponsor and your willingness to do the work and change. I was tired and beaten down and was willing to do anything by that time. Changing my thinking and my thoughts that I could do it my way had to be changed. Try a good AA sponsor and work the steps with honesty and humility and see what happens.

Posted by: Michael1369 March 22, 2018, 10:40 PM
Suboxone is the best thing ever

Posted by: missdino May 9, 2018, 12:53 AM
Hi - I am new to this site but I have recently started Suboxone as well. I know that if I take any pain pill I wont feel it because of the opiate blockers but do you have any suggestions on how to control the thought or temptation of doing it. I took 1 perc while on Suboxone and I knew I wouldn't feel anything, yet I still took it. That is what I am struggling with the most. Any advice?

Posted by: Browndog113 July 15, 2018, 7:25 AM

I know you posted ur question a while back, but I have not checked in since then. There are a few things to consider.

First of all , don't feel terrible if u do something like pop a perc. I am not suggesting u give into that thought but if u do it is not the end of the world. Taking a narcotic while on suboxone is futile. As time goes go ur heart and head will understand that and the temptation becomes extinct. I know this from personal experience.

More importantly, suboxone is part of a treatment plan. Additional support is vital. Many people get help thru na, aa, religion and or therapy. I suggest a good drug counselor as part of your recovery, at least for a while.

He or she can help u understand the nature of your disease . With that knowledge comes power, including power over the disease of addiction.

Hope I was helpful.

Posted by: bikeman December 7, 2018, 1:09 AM
Well, i am glad to hear that Suboxone has been working for some folks. It does seem to be a miracle drug and alternative to a more detrimental DOC. It is, however, still very addictive and i just helped a buddy get off of a 7 year stint on Sub. Man, he had a very rough go of it and said it was worse coming off the sub than from heroin. I was able to get him on my amino acid regimen which has really helped him with PAWS. It was bad enough kicking an 8 year vicodin habbit, so i couldn't imagine going through a sub detox.

anyway, good luck to you guys.

Posted by: jaded13640 April 24, 2019, 12:49 AM
I agree with bikeman, suboxone is pretty serious stuff. it sounds like it is like the Methadone program. It's a more stable situation than banging heroin multiple times a day but without a recovery program, being SO addictive and withdrawals being SO severe I was genuinely far worse off with Methadone than I was on several bags of H a day! I have used suboxone several times but only to do a rapid detox and avoid severe withdrawals. I'm doing it right now in fact. I'm in very bad pain after my second surgery 13 months ago. In the current environment that is opioid pain management, I'm not being given anywhere near enough to manage pain. The biggest enemy is tolerance in my opinion. I use suboxone to go off pain pills rapidly, minimize withdrawal, and lower my tolerance level. If you're using Sub for easing withdrawal symptoms, great, just don't stay on it for weeks, months or years. It may force you to get serious about getting clean and staying clean but getting clean or serious damage or death are the only two choices in the end anyway. Many of us have very legitimate reasons needing and or taking pain killers. The government is going to take them all away eventually. Unless you're plan on going to Heroin, you may HAVE to choose recovery over the 12 months or so.


Posted by: dilon.don November 1, 2019, 7:31 AM
I fully support your proposal

Posted by: Suboxman November 23, 2019, 11:57 PM
Proper dr-suboxone would be used for approximately three weeks from 6 mg down to 0 AA/NA meetings

In 2003 suboxone saved my life—Things have changed real doctors know how to use this medication correctly. There are of course certain people that have used a box and I stay on it forever. There is no set way but it’s a fantastic medication with the right doctor and of course most importantly the patient wants to get better and is willing to do anything and everything which means meetings every day etc. etc.