Been There Done It
Posted: September 22, 2012, 9:36 PM

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since been clean i get my little note pad out ive got a time limit half hour i sit there writing anything and everything im fully over heroin life the poeple and all my love one's ive hurt my family and my loved ones plus every morining i wake up say a little pray im thankful im here today thankful im cleaning and healhty and thanks fo all my support works who have helped me though
my up and downs????????? thanks for taking the time to read this ive wittin so far 5 jouranals of everthing ive done when i was on the drugs as well as my new life clean
its feels goodto get everthing out on paper im not a person to share what im thinking becuase ie been hurt pretty bad my ex partner of 5 years use to bash me pretty badly thanks
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