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Posted by: Help936 May 14, 2017, 6:14 PM
I am seeking advise on relapse... I'm a 40 yr. old single mother. I was in an extensive inpatient center for a year. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in treating my addiction to opiates. I suffered a lot of losses when I came home though and was off to a rough start. My father past away one month before I graduated the program.. I tried to ignore my feelings and just continued to work. I had some failed friendships due to me being to nice and being taken advantage of. Again more loss.. anyway I relapsed and it's been almost a year now. I'm barely hanging onto my job and I'm dealing with a lot of depression and guilt I feel like a failure.. I have been keeping this a secret no one knows and I'm scared to death to ask my family for help in fear of them turning their back on me. They have been so supportive in my recovery and now I messed it all up. I don't have money for treatment and or to go to the dr. And spend almost 400.00$ at one time to get suboxone to help with detox.. I desperately want to live life sober again. Going to treatment and being gone for a period of time is not an option again I have a child and I cannot leave her again.. please help if anyone can tell me where to find free treatment for withdrawal here in Houston Texas.

Posted by: Plopez June 30, 2017, 9:21 PM
Have you received any help or information to get help ???

Posted by: lolleedee June 30, 2017, 10:06 PM
Have you thought about medication-assisted treatment with methadone? It has been the only thing that worked for my almost 20 year opiate addiction and I have been in recovery for almost 4 years now! My only wish is that I didn't believe all the rumors that swirl around methadone treatment and paid attention to the science. There are a few others on here who have also had great success with it!

Some clinics are cash only and some take insurance or medicaid (this is what it is called in is insurance for the poor and/or disabled and is paid for by the state). There is a chance that your insurance will pay it all. Also, there are clinics that work on a sliding scale to make it affordable for you.

Call a clinic in your area and check it out. On a steady dose of methadone you will feel normal. You will not have withdrawal symptoms, your cravings should go away or if not, they will be greatly diminished and you shouldn't be sleepy or "nodding". On a proper dose (and not using other drugs such as benzodiazepines on top of your dose) no one will ever know you are on it.

There is really no reason to share your relapse with anyone who will not be supportive. Relapse happens. What matters isn't the is what you choose to do about it!

Good luck and let us know what you choose to do. The medication assisted treatment can also be done with buprenorphine, though it tends to be much more expensive.

If you go the the SAMHSA website, there is a clinic finder. I did a quick search and there are 9 methdone clinics in Houston, plus many other towns that may be closer to you. You can always go for an intake appointment and see what it is all about. You are under no obligation to start the program if you feel it isn't the right path for you! Good luck! You can do it!