Dose Not Lasting 24 Hrs
Posted: May 26, 2018, 7:21 PM

So ive been on methadone for about 6 months, I work overnight at work 10pm-6am and I can't seem to be comfortable all night while I'm at work and its driving me crazy! If I'm off and can sleep thru the night then I'm able to make it, I just wake up not feeling too good. But if I'm up n awake at work I start feeling uncomfortable, yawning, runny nose, watery eyes, s*** like that..its not horrible withdrawal but its enough to effect me to where I'm not ding my job as well as I could n I just feel s***ty. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Will I ever find a stable dose to where I don't have to take a lil bit of dope with me to make it thru work? Or should I just stop tryin??
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