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Since 2007 when i first tried crack cocaine everytime my life gets back on track i relapse and my betrayl of lovednones ive been to more treatment centers than i can count so how do I overcome this horror
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Loving & warm welcome, Jenn. You've found the right place for love, support, advice & encouragement from loved ones of addicts and addicts. Sending a hug just 'cause.

I truly wish I could give you a Things to Do list re how to recover from a relapse. You know . . . go to X, buy Y, chant Z. But there is no one size fits all recipe for battling addiction and dealing with your monkey. Hell . . . there is no recipe . . . the resource/"answers" are the same today as they were 2 decades ago (rehab, IOP, sober living, AA/NA). BUT . . . To quote a wise lady . . . who is a recovering heroin addict . . . but fights the urges, cravings and the monkey every day: Shyt happens . . .and you may relapse. It's ok. Just start again. Even if that takes starting every day.

I'm the mom of an addict. Yes, we as loved ones, revel when you are in remission . . . or in rehab trying to get clean & sober. We exhale while you are there. We have hope again. And feel like maybe things will get back to "normal." We think you are cured/fixed. So . . . when you relapse . . . it effects us deeply. Our hopes are dashed. Our heart is broken, etc etc etc. For your purposes, tho, how we feel about your remission is irrelevant and immaterial. Don't worry about us . . . we will be fine. This is a perfect time to be selfish. To detach from US with love . . . so that you can recover and go back into remission.

Be gentle with yourself. Hang in there. Keep trying . . . the road to remission is rarely straight . . . or easy. There are pot holes . . . unexpected twists & turns . . . steep mountains . . .and sometimes there is a bridge out (but there is no warning sign) . . . and sometimes you fall off into a ditch (bc there are no guard rails). In short . . . Shyt happens. Forgive yourself. Brush yourself off. And try again. Your loved ones are going to love you no matter what.

The fact that you posted & asked this question speaks volumes. Keep posting here. Here's another hug . . . just 'cause.


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I forgot to read the fine print, when i signed up to be your Mom. I thought it would be smiles & hugs and quite a lot of fun.

I didn’t see the part about addiction, mental illness, pain, hopelessness or despair. I didn’t know life could be so flipping unfair.

But I now see something in the fine print that I didn’t see before. It also says to survive your addiction, I must love me more.

In Loving Memory of my angel, J. #forever21 #ihateaddiction #foreverloved
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We are moving your post to the Methadone Board, which we understand is not your drug of choice, but there are other recovering addicts posting there who have had similar struggles.

- the moderators
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