Tapering Methadone
Posted: August 22, 2017, 10:19 AM

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I have been on methadone for 9 years staring at 45mls, and through the years just got comfortable on it reducing 4mls every 6 months until I got to 5mls which is where Stalled at for a long time and I was depressed and didn't want to risk coming off it and make it worse but slowly I have came down to 3mls which am currently on and have been for about 11 months, I just got my doctor to reduce it to 2ml so will start that tomorrow, and am really just looking for positive story from people, how were symptoms on such a low level of methadone, how did they treat there withdrawals, I have a full time job and family so can't really afford to take time off work, my diet is quite healthy and am quite active so hoping that helps during the day, it's more at night when it comes to bedtime am sort of dreading but am also trying to keep a positive spin on it, am sick of collecting it every week sick of going to the doctor every month, and am going on my first holiday abroad next year and certainly don't want to be still on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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