Withdrawal Methadone Or Any Opiate
Posted: June 9, 2017, 9:14 PM

I've been weaning off methadone fir about 8 months 1/2 decrease at a time . I'm at 1 1/2
. The best thing to use for withdrawal is marijuana , I just smoke but sleep is rough , so in my digging about withdrawal and cannabis many make there own tincture or oils. So now I will
Make tincture , the only bad effect I've had from withdrawal so far is sleep and of course depression , I've been on Opiates for 30 years , I'm 65, I have a good pain Dr helping me and letting me go slow as i want , first Doc that has been this nice and knows I'm using cannabis to withdraw.
So now I will start exercise to help get my endorphins back quicker, God knows mine are all gone. I hardly ever leave my house, except to shop! I hate what I've done to myself! Yes, I have pain, but this withdrawal crap and all what opiates do to us sucks !!
Cannabis is the best way to quit ! Many many people I know have done it , one lady did it In 7 days l! Holy s***!she used to tincture and oil!
I'm not on here a lot but research it!! It's the answer !!
Good luck to all! I was st 60 mg. And on methadone about 7 yrs! Before that morphine, oxycodone, Vicodin ! I became allergic to the whole Vicodin family , so morphine it was , then I was too sleepy to work/drive, so put on methadone ! I'm ADHD so opiates always made me feel normal. Hell I had a 27 yr career/ government job I excelled at, never missed work cuz of opiates , so I felt like it was my ADHD meds!
My doc wanted me to take trazadone , clondine for my WD, but no more pills!
My pills were my friends, as many of u know , I'm alone now! Few good friends left and of course my kids all but 1 who thinks I was a drug addict , he didn't care I was in pain and could not work my physical demanding job without it ! Oh well , rest of my kids love me and stick by me, oldest son still see him but it's not like it was, I cannot be honedt with him, he judges ! I just hope he never has a accident where he has unbearable pain, he has no sympathy, his head up his wives a**!
Again hope this helps people withdrawing marijuana is the best medicine !!
Posted: June 10, 2017, 9:33 AM

Thank you for sharing your experience. I too used marijuana to detox and it helped me so much. I just moved slow because of pain and that's all I suffered when detoxing. I have never been a sleeper so five to six hours a night is what I average. How are you doing today? I just feel normal:) which is great. I am on day 200. Where are you at in your detox? I see a doctor for my depression and the medication helps me soooo much. I know you don't want to take pills anymore but if your depression/paws gets too bad please see a doctor. I also used clonadine anti nausea medicine a low dose benzo along with marijuana when I detoxed. I was so scared to jump but when I did it was just another day no withdrawls. Keep up the fight!!! Your doing awesome. Have a beautiful Saturday:).......peace
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