Make Best Dicision Of Your Life
Posted: March 25, 2017, 1:36 PM

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Im 46 yrs old and currently quitting methadone for the second time. I successfully left the first time and am still clean. Im coming off now cause of an injury I incurred 2 years ago and my dr. of all people knowing my background gives me opiates for the pain.? Um hello doc? I went to the methadone clinic to see if iI could take it for my pain? They said no problem but this not a pain clinic so i just played the role or no help. Bad mistake that dr that lives 5 hundred miles from my town where he hands out methadone and sub like candy. I had to threaten the guy with a malpractice suit just to get him to let me go. He was having no part of reducing me. Its all been rectified and 2(friends) pharmacisits took me under thier wing to get me down, Im crashing at 7mgs down a week, n Im never considering that drug again or too anyone. If ANYONE would like to contact me for discussion on the issue feel free.
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