Failing At Recovery
Posted: June 1, 2018, 5:54 PM

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I want to stop using so badly. I haven't gone a single day being sober since last October when I relapsed on heroin.

I hate myself and i want to stop but i couldn't.. can you guys who made it share their tips?
Posted: June 25, 2018, 8:30 PM

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go to a recovery center, meetings, therapist

my son wanted to stop but he could not do it on his own. the withdrawal was too much to handle at home. insomnia for days. he needed medical care from the experts in a medical setting. he needed the right temporary meds and recovery process to get to a stable place - mentally and physically. it is not a failure to give in and ask for help.

after a month of trying on his own, relapsing, and dealing with overwhelming psycological with drawal, he went to the hospital emergency room, was admitted to detox for a few days and rehab program for a few weeks.

they set him up with medical doctors, a recovery center to see a counsellor and go to meetings.
he goes to different meetings around the area. finding ones where a younger population is going.

keep trying and keep going to some form of counseling

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