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Posted: October 15, 2013, 7:22 PM

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26 years ago I entered recovery for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to once again to control and enjoy my using and drinking. I initially entered methodone treatement and after hitting a high of 98 mg / day with a weeks worth of take homes, I decided I wanted to live and leave the life of drug talk and the "you'll NEVER get off" mentality. I was sick for over a month and wanted to use--but I didn't. I attend 12 step programs that work for me because I hit that horrible, hopeless bottom where I didn't know how I could live, but didn't have the complete desire to check out. At meetings, I take what I need and give back double. I don't like everyone in the meetings-- probably because they are just like me: egotists, self involved and looking for excuses as to why they used and who to blame.
I threw out my black crystal ball that always said NO, YOUR NOT WORTH IT, LIFE SUCKS AND SO DO YOU, YOU'LL NEVER BE HAPPY, AND WHY BOTHER.
Today I use the tools of recovery everyday to change my attitude and I savor the Serenity Prayer. Any spiritual path will do as long as your on it and seek to live a life where you cease fighting anyone or anything. Everything is a head game and I don't play any more.
Life is good if I let it.
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Thanks for sharing! Sooo awesome!
Posted: March 18, 2015, 4:28 AM

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Prayer really makes a person strong. This is inspiring.
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