Almost A Year Clean
Posted: July 4, 2008, 10:57 AM

ive been clean for almost a year or it will be a year on aug 20th and im so happy about the progress ive made but i will say that in going through this journey i have figured out what i want to be when i grow up lol. having dealt with addiction all of my life i am going to go to school to help others deal with addiction. the only thing that im dealing with now is the aftermath or my addiction in regards to my daughter. if i could get some help or ideas that would be great. i know that i cant hit the rewind button and make it right but im not sure how to go about making it right today. sometimes i feel like it would be easier to go out and get high to help me to deal with it cause its tough but i cant do that cause my clean time means everything to me and i know that without it i wont have my family either. my sobriety comes first. how do i go about dealing with my daughter who still remembers my days "sick" its not her fault but she doesnt understand that im not the same person i was back then.
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