Need Help From Someone Who Beat It!
Posted: March 15, 2007, 4:51 PM

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What made you stick to. Im a support for someone who has relapsed and has just admitted he is using again. Was there anything that made you think "I am not going to relapse this time! What is the best thing the your family did to help or support you. I know I cant MAKE him get better and use the help thats offered or make him go to couseling and meetings. But there has to be something that clicked or something someone did to show you the way.


Posted: May 9, 2008, 1:58 AM

I would encourage you to continue to encourage and support him in the right direction. I will share with you I feel like I had 2 major milestones......... 1st the day I realized that there were people in this world that didn't live the way I did and that they were happy. 2nd the day my 5 year old told me she was glad I didn't do bad drugs anyone.
Getting clean was a process for me, It started it in 1998, when my crank dealer cut me and my boyfriend off (I must have been pretty bad) anyway I stopped using crank to help keep him off of it not because I had a problem. I went back and forth for awhile using acid and X when I really felt like I needed to party. In 1999, I met a guy and we started dating, we had some mutual friends so I though he was "cool" turns out he had never done a drug, smoked a cigarette, or had a drink in his life (I truthfully had no clue that they were out there) I was intrigued because he was a regular guy with normal friends, After a while he encouraged me to try soberity and I figured What the heck? Go for it! My dope wasn't going anywhere.
I have over 6 years now, and I haven't looked back. I have also gone back to college and will graduate with my Master's Degree. I also spend the majority of my time advocating for treatment over incarcentation.

So don't give up, it can happen anywhere.
Posted: February 22, 2009, 8:23 AM

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id say firstly............he really has too want to do it, with u or without you he will only ever do it if HE WANTS TOO, i was a heroin abuser for over 6yrs and now im clean i have a little boy and i love my life, but i did try inbetween all that for different people, my mum....i did try but because it as for someone else i went back, it wasnt till i wanted too do it for me that i truley did it and never went back, he will have a fe hickups along the way but hes goota want it honey! Goodluck xx

I'm sure we well get there one day.... Even if it seems distant, we will get there, believe in your thoughts[COLOR=red]
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