Codeine / Ibuprofen / Paracetamol Addict
Posted: September 2, 2018, 9:21 AM

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Hello. I am also addict to Codeine . It started 7 years ago- problém with teeth with so much pain. First I was taken cocodamol 30/500 , cca 2 / day. After 2 years it was 4 a day and after 4 years i started to takong Nurofen Plus with cocodamol ( or Solpadeine max ). Last 2 years it was cca 6 Nurofen Plus and 4 cocodamol a day ( sometimes more, sometimes less).last 2 months i stopped ( i was taking less and less amd now i took only 60 mg Codeine a day without ibuprofen and Paracetamol ) Now i had a small Urinaly tract infection ( first of my life- i never had that ). I read that it could be first sign of damage kidney . I am absolutely , absolutely stressed that I damaged my kidneys. I dont sleep ( not for cravings of Codeine, but because of my stress).i still think about a posibility that i damage my kidneys. I know it is my fault and this is my punishment. I cant go to the doctor because i think that when i will wait for blood test result i will get absolutely mad :( is there someone who was taking more or the samé amount and his kidney are ok ? Or do you know someone with Analgesic Nephropathy ( this is the diagnosis) . I am really, really depresed as i have never beeen :((
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