The Price You Pay For Your Addiction.
Posted: July 27, 2018, 11:57 PM

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I have been clean for 6-7 years now. But I constantly see the results of the damage my addiction caused me mentally. My memory is terrible, I am often confused about something that should have been easily understood. I get things wrong, backwards, just don’t get it, or simple jokes. I loose things, like the list I might have managed to write down for that day. Can’t maintain a trail of thought, let alone follow through on an activity. I know I have ADD, but come on now. I don’t travel out of the country alone now because my now ex-husband was the only one who could make sense of the train schedules for us. My doctors simply placate me and snicker. No one takes me seriously. There is no Alzheimer’s in my family. Who do you go to for help? Who is willing to do an assessment? This is scarey. I find myself newly divorced, 1st time home owner, trying to figure everything out for the 1st time, no friends or family for advice. I don’t know who to speak with or where to go. Advice from a professional would be great. Thanks for reading my post.
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