Desperate To Quit Poppy Seed Tea
Posted: July 1, 2015, 3:37 PM

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Hello. I've had dependency on rx opioids for a number of years. I switched to poppy seed tea about a year ago. Easy to get, thought it was 'safer'. I was up to 8-12 oz per day of seed. I've been experiencing awful panic / anxiety the last few weeks and thought I needed to cut back. I'm reducing and am at 4oz per day but I feel awful. Morning nausea and vomiting; shakiness, no appetite, can't sleep. I went to my doc, not sure what was going on. I tried Prozac for 5 days which made it all worse. Doc switched me from Prozac to Xanax. It cuts the anxiety some, but other symptoms remain.

Desperate, I confessed my poppy seed habit with my partner/wife last night. She is supportive and worried. I need to get off this stuff - it's ruining my life right now. I am not functional. I thought about tapering off to avoid the extreme WD symptoms, but wonder if I should just buckle down and quit today. I'm so scared. Feel life my life is falling apart.

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