Looking For People Willling To Share Experiences
Posted: September 19, 2014, 1:35 PM

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I am a journalism student in need of people’s personal experience for an article I’m writing about substance addiction and money. I chose this subject for a class assignment because I enjoy writing about difficult subjects because they NEED to be written about. Also, I live in Michigan, where heroin use is on the rise. I grew up surrounded by addiction. I’ve seen many struggle—and even lost a few. I struggled with an “addictive” personality, avoiding all drugs and alcohol, only to fall into alcoholism that lasted almost 2 years, caused me to drop out of college a semester shy of graduation, and pushed me into debt. Now I’ve been sober for a year and a half and in school to complete my Bachelor’s in Journalism. But I can’t write only about my own experiences or only tell my family and friend’s stories.

The article is written in narrative form, which is a storytelling form of journalism, so rather than just hashing out facts, the writer has to convey REAL people’s voices and emotions. It’s difficult to find people willing to discuss such a touchy and, sometimes, “taboo” subject, especially face to face. I’m looking for people willing to discuss and answer questions about their honest experience with addiction/living with an addict, addiction’s impact on money, and income level/healthcare availability’s impact on receiving treatment for recovery. How did money, or lack thereof, influence the addiction/treatment?

This article has the possibility of being published in an online-only iPad magazine that is produced by journalism students at my university. I would love for people who want to speak about their experiences to be willing to provide their name, but anonymity can be maintained. Reply with any questions or email me at mm.estepp@gmail.com if you’re interested in being interviewed or sharing your story. Everyone's story can help someone else find strength.
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