Praying For The End, Or Beginning...
Posted: August 29, 2014, 2:04 PM

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This is my 2nd and by far most painful/difficult detox from synthetic weed ever. I had gotten to the point of smoking about 5grams of the potent blend daily. Had got to the point where I had to smoke every 3 hours or I was sick, weak, numb feeling. I got to the point where I was taking this s*** to work with me to smoke so I could make it to end of day. Well I decided enough was enough and even got a little reg weed to help with the detox. I took my last hit of synthetic about midnight saturday night. Sweats and naseau kicked in about an hour after my last hit, spent the entire night curled up in a ball sweating and freezing, not sleeping, pure agony. I tried to get into a bath with kicked off my vomitting so I returned back to my sweating naseau ball. I got some pedalite and started drinking as much as I could on day 1. I was able to force feed a piece of an apple and 2 crackers that day. I felt so weak, limbs numb, dizzy, cloudy, anxious, sick. I was just hoping id be able to make it to work on monday! No chance in hell did that happen. I made it through day one feeling like I was going to die at any second. Day 2 I call into work because Im still having diahrea and feel extremely light headed, confused, dizzy, sick, does not feel like any relief will be coming any time soon. I started drinking chicken broth and eating a noodle or two of chicken noodle soup, had to force feed myself and it would take about an hour to finish the broth. Let me tell you that minutes feel like hours right now and hours feel like days. I sat around sick and shaking and sweating and weak all of day 2 and into day 3, Day 3 I am still unable to walk or function properly, not vomitting today but still diaherria and no appetite, very weak, nautious. At noon on day 3 I decided to have a friend take me to the ER. I was admitted and treated for severe dehydration and virus gastroenteritis. I was in the hospital until that night and released, I ate a can of chicken soup and layed down and actually slept a few hours. Day 4 is here now and I was really hoping that I would wake up with some energy, or an appetite, no dice. Im still nautious, weak, not able to do any kind of manual labor, I cannot work again today. I stay home drink lots of water manage to eat a sandwich and some crackers too, praying the next day will be better, I take a sleeping aid this night, still nautious, still extremely weak. Morning of day 5, I still feel very bad, im forcing myself to go into work today. I work for 6 hours and have to go home because im having trouble standing and walking around, just not enough energy to make it happen. I eat two sandwiches today and some soup, and with the help of a little reggie I sleep the night through. Day 6 here we go, I wake up still feeling very weak but maybe a little better than yesterday. Make myself get up and goto work. I get to work feeling incredible weak and a new symptom, my muscles are all stiff today, its very difficult typing this right now. I work for 2 hours on day 6 (today) and go home to take a very long lunch break. Here I am right now on day 6 and as I type this right now, I dont have naseau pain, im still very weak but stronger than ive been since the start, i think im dehydrated again and thats why im still feeling so weak and my muscles are so still. I also have a lot of numbness, pins and needles feelings in all my limbs. I am grateful for the 3 day weekend ahead and pray that by next monday, I can function at some level. This is the hardest most painful uncomfortable experience ive had to go through.
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