Day 1- Stopping Synthetics
Posted: May 27, 2014, 6:53 AM

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Lets pretty much start with day 1-i have been smoking the black kk synthetics bag for two years straight, smoking up to two 10 gram bags a day. I originally have been wanting to quit because all the black tar I constantly hack up, along with my psychotic episodes when I run our of synthetics or what we call " legal". I'm very scared for the damage I've already posed on myself. I feel like withdrawals are never going to end. I've done some pretty hard things but these withdrawals have taken the cake. It would be nice to enjoy a burger, watch a movie, have a real laugh. I want to enjoy. Life again without being consumed by this synthetic. Originally I was a pot smoker like everyone else before they switched. After trying legal on and off for the first year I tried to switch back feeling less concerned about my health with the pot. However it just didn't do the trick anymore I could no longer get one ounce of high it just wasn't the same anymore.i had heard of that happening to a few of the people I know that smoke "legal". Then I started to look back at good times with my family and friends who I totally 86ed out of my life because my time is constantly consumed around smoking kk. I was going through two 10 gram bags a day. The scary thing is I was smoking up to a whole bag in my sleep between 9 pm and 7 am. The synthetics have made me hard to sleep and much hard to eat. I can only hope for all this to subside and the real me to come out. I'm not really a psychotic schitz as I've been portraying. Before the legal I loved to laugh I loved to be with friends, I had goals. Now I've completely isolated myself from friends and family. I have become a high strung depressed person that I have never been. Now with my only goal to kick this nasty habit.i didn't realize how far my addiction had gone until I actually tried to take my life. This all may seem crazy to the non user. But I know there are others out there going through the same things in going to stay strong and positive I'll keep everyone updated even if I relapse, I think it would be beneficial for others to know the truth about my recovery!
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