...ashes Into Beauty...
Posted: July 23, 2013, 1:55 AM

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He has risen me from ashes.. and turned me into beauty undefined by this world (because only HE can be given the glory of what I am from what I have been)..

so why then, with the riches of Heaven's treasures before me, does the dead in the night, seem so enticing? Beckoning me to fall...

give me strength Lord ... for as You rose - I, too, will rise.. on wings like eagles.

You promised. and I will Trust.

please, Father, Son and Spirit- let me not fall.. for i desperately desire not to start over again. and again. and again.

draw from me strength untapped to, each day, put in the "new (wo)man" You have created within me, before I even knew Your name.

from my depths, deep cries out to Deep..
place in me a quiet Spirit and patient heart as i await the deafening echo of Your whispering voice.
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