My Secret Problem
Posted: February 3, 2013, 4:17 PM

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I started smoking weed when I was 17 years old my boyfriend at the time smoked with me and supplied us I was only in high school but still finished and we moved out together when I completed. I never thought it was a problem we smoked and drank he became an alcoholic. we had two daughters together and I mostly stayed home while he worked. We rented houses and apt. never able to keep up with our bills. We repeatedly got evicted and moved to new places. Being in denial we would say we moved because the houses were in poor condition or landlords were bad. I see now that our addictions always came first we let bills ride to pay for weed. NOw we moved and bought a house and our girls are teens. He is making good money and was forced to quit smoking weed because of his job, I quit now as well but he started again and still drinks. I am more aware now of our financial problems and try to talk to him but he is still in denial. I find it hard not to smoke with him and have cheated a few times since I quit last Jan. I now have been sober since Dec 27 the last time I cheated. I still feel good about myself as I used to smoke everyday a few times a day. I'm determined to stay sober and keep on track I've taken a writing coarse and spend my time writing or drawing and enjoy my girls. I find yoga helps keep the cravings away.When he's away at work I'm fine but when he's home I have to smell it and I don't like to be in that situation I still don't smoke with him though sometimes when another friend and him are smoking I have trouble saying no I am staying strong and am writing this so I can build on my will power..
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