Why I Did Not Drink Today
Posted: January 18, 2013, 1:18 AM

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This is why I am grateful I did not drink today .

Not feeling ashamed and embarassed all the time .

Not worrying about who I fell down in front of .

Not sweating profusely all the time .

Eating and enjoying food again, (not going entire days without eating and dry heaving at the sight of food....) .

Being able to keep my word. (And even wanting to.)

Being able to remember where I was last night .

Seeing my personality come back to life, laughing again. Feeling like "me" again .

Having the freedom to think about things other than alcohol .

No more anxiety .

Not being obsessed about either 'I can't wait to drink. what will I drink. Do I have enough
in the house? etc.' or 'How can I get through this night without a drink?'

Waking up in the morning and looking forward to the day instead of trying to
remember if I did anything stupid the night before .

No more waking up with that panicked feeling thinking "who did I talk to on the phone last night? .

Being able to brush my teeth in the morning without vomiting .

No hangovers .

No more calling in sick and making excuses .

No more throwing up on the side of the road .

No more pregnancy scares .

No more laziness and apathy .

No more "where did that bruise/injury come from?" .

No fear of getting pulled over for a DUI.

No more wondering why my wallet is empty

No more spending money that I don't have .

It's a great day!
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