Today Is Ten Days Back On Track
Posted: September 3, 2012, 1:13 AM

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I am a recovering addict and have been in treatment over two years. I had a relapse a little over a week ago and I am back on track with my suboxone therapy. I go to meetings and when I began relapsing I had missed several meetings due to work. I realize now that I have to go to my meetings even if I am exhausted from work. If I can't make a meeting then I am going to get online and chat with people or do what I am doing now and write a post. I have started a handwritten journal as well. I was told that by writing a short paragraph each night and returning to reread my passages every few weeks, I can determine my triggers better and keep my emotions and feelings under control better. So far so good. I am also going to be moving and changing my phone number in the next couple of weeks to attempt to ditch some of the people trying to sell me things or give me things. My biggest problem is having things in front of me and having no will power, so I am trying to not put myself in situations where I am around drugs or people I associate with drugs. Hopefully my new tactics work. Just so sick of slipping up and need other ways to cope.
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