Like It Use To Be
Posted: January 1, 2011, 2:26 AM

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I have completed my last year of school and while doing so i have had a great esculation of drugs and alcohole in my life over this year. The thing that bugs me the most is i rember how i was just over a year ago and how i have lost so much memory, will power, motervation, and realiability to even those closest to me. I have smoked weed every day for over a year now and ontop of that i have started to take straight MDMA, ectasy, acid and along with that quite heavy drinking whitch is becoming ever so more frequient. on christmas day i was with my friends, i had a pill a tab and then drank straight away spending all the cash i had in my wallet. I promised myself that night i would only drink because i needed my money seeing i broke my car whn i was drunk and on pills the saturday before and have to pay atlest a grand that i dont have to fix it. But my friends talked me into it who have also esculated into the drug world over the last few years and some are taking a lot more then me and a lot harder drugs and some even dealing now making the temptations so much higher being able to get the drugs so easly and sometimes cheap. after x mas night i promised myself i would start cutting down i swore to friends i would only moderatly drink and smoke a little bit of weed, that quickly backfired and even after promising a close friend who does not do drugs and telling evry one i wont be doing them any more i was taking them again by the end of the next week. I am just really scared im going to get stuck on the wrong path so i want to do something about it today so from here on i am going to monitor myself and prove to myself i can be the old me
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