Question Bout Craving Suboxone Once Off Of It
Posted: October 20, 2017, 5:23 AM

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Just recently found out my husband has gotten addicted to Suboxone since a friend gave him a pill one night at work when he was in great pain, my husband said he's been addicted to them for about 6 months. Its draining our bank and ruining our relationship. He says he wants off, he did go 16 days with my help as of the day he confessed his addiction but the cravings are so bad that he starts to cry. The withdrawl wasnt so bad, the only thing really bothering him is the cravings. Wednesday one of his old "friends" Texted him and let him know they had husband gave in and bought one and took it. *sigh* Im just lost, I dont know what to do.

He isnt going to be able to taper or go to a treatment facility...he can make it through the withdrawl but the cravings are going to cause him to repeat this cycle.

What should he do after he detoxes himself "cold turkey". I know he told me what he normally would do was get an 8mg pill and 1/4 it and thats what he was taking per day....if that helps. Now, he got one Wednesday (first time in 16 days) and it was an 8mg which he took half and another half 5 hours later.

Any advice and help would be appreciated. Im scared and lost.
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