Can't Quit Smoking!
Posted: June 18, 2017, 4:47 PM

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I can't quit smoking cigarettes!?
I tried the patch but after about 20-40 mintues I'm severly sick for about an hour- the chills, fever, get light headed, it itches severely where the patch is, I'm anuseaus and I want to roll up in bed and am just sick plus it causes me to gag out of nowhere and several times has had me throw up spontanously, I've done the nicotine gum but it is disgusting honestly it tastes like smoke then your supposed to chew until it "tingles" aka burning! then I gag constantly and feel lightheaded and nauseauos, still want a cigrette and it doesn't last long!
So I hate taking them and cannot do it everyday what else can I do?
Should I try taking the patch or gum again?
What have you done that's worked?
I smoke a pack of Malboro Lights a day plus serious chain smoker and can't stop but really want to!
I feel like those just feed me nicotine how are they supposed to help me stop?
Posted: June 26, 2017, 8:25 PM

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When I wanted to quit I bought the cheapest, lightest cig I could stand. Then I cut back until I got down to 4 per day. 2 on the way to work, 2 on the way home. And I stayed at that amount. thinking 2 packs a week is better than 6 and $20 is more affordable than $100. sometimes I smoke a few extra if I have time on my hands. The longer I stayed at 4 per day, the easier it was. I buy 2 packs a week. I can easily go all day or a few days without smoking. I work at a smoke free location and no one smokes at home, so it helps to not be tempted to smoke more.
Posted: December 26, 2017, 12:58 AM

today i have 5 and half years clean from cigarettes....i had smoked for about 25 years and if you told me back then i would stop smoking one day i never would have believed you.

i am also a recovering first i treated my cigarette addiction like my first attempts at getting clean from alcohol.....the little games you avoid the inevitable...first the patch...then cutting down....none of that i just went cold turkey...because i knew that i had to completely eradicate nicotine from my life.

sure it is rough at first...but it can be blood pressure is good....i have saved money and i my clothes and apartment don't reek of smoke...and now i feel nauseous when i inhale someone else's second hand smoke..

you can do it too...just bite the big one and STOP...
God Bless and Merry Christmas
Posted: September 4, 2019, 8:31 AM

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Hope you have been stopped this addiction !!!!
Posted: September 13, 2019, 7:11 PM

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I am sadly very addicted to nicotine. I must stop but living alone, and no one in my life sharing things, without support, encouragement, etc, it's so tough.

I went thru lung cancer in 2005, lived despite it being the size of a grapefruit! Crazy for me to smoke. My mom died of COPD, and she couldn't quit. what's up with this drug? Nicotine is the worst habit. My cough rattles and mucus spits like oysters. Its ugly, ugly, ugly. I am 68 years old and must get this monkey off my back. Would someone write and encourage me and give me strength in order to go through withdrawals, best practices, drugs on market don't work either.

Please give me ways or things to try to eliminate the craving. Triggers are driving, phone calls, and after eating. I pray my angel is there and reading this message. I need you!

Tried hypnosis, and didn't phase me or affect the craving. I truly need to go to rehab but they cost 5 thousand or more and far from Arizona so out of the question. Saving of money would be wonderful. I smoke Eve, 1 pack a day presently. Eve's are long and skinny, go out so no waste and I use as couple of puffs at a time and put out so it's more like 3 packs a day, understanding what I'm saying? I smoke one cigarette three times, because they are long and skinny. I do not smoke to the cork either, yucky hot butt end. Does anyone relate to my story? I am sick of being a slave to this habit. It will kill me or not, I just want to surrender to its power over me and be done with the whole scene.

The vapes make me cough. I buy portable ones and menthol trying to cool off the strength or reason the cough occurs. Anyone know of best vape for a lightweight like me? Haha. Im reaching out cause it's time.

Thanks for reading my desperate plea for help. I don't want to share that I smoke with doctors or medicare, for my insurance premiums would be so high. So I must be private in my pleas for help.

I'll call you if you answer this post. I need a friend who understands and has been successful in their quest to end the horrible habit. Dang corporations that make em, and get us hooked by adding 2000 chemicals including asbestos, tranqs, and bark rolled into a fancy looking kill stick. So frickin tired of corporations being served and ripping the people off. Congress works for them, not the people. Greed. Root of all evil!

Peace, love and many blessings I pray for all of mankind.

Kat Palmero

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