Throwing Out The Smokes
Posted: June 18, 2015, 10:46 AM

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I had posted a topic in the family/partners of addicts section about a weeks ago and since having done that I have come to finally admit that I am addicted to smoking cigarettes. I have sort of trained smoking to be a "brake" or to "cope" with my stress.

I have been smoking for almost 9 years now. I did quit when I was pregnant with my daughter but for some reason started right up again after she was born.

Before I smoked I never like cigarettes, the smell, seeing people smoking and everything about them. It started out as once in a while then "only when I drank," and then that lead into constant drinking and constant smoking. I no longer drink but I still smoke. I have attempted quitting SEVERAL times in the past and somehow with this big life change of separating from my husband so he can get help for his alcohol addiction I have had time to reevaluate myself and how I want to be better for me and my daughter.

I thought about it and I don't want her to smoke when she grows up. I know, I know, she will make her own decisions but I feel like if I quit smoking it might have an impact on her choice to do so or not. Who knows.

I guess I am looking for tips and encouragement from others to see what other things may have worked that I have not tried yet. Any suggestions will help at this point. At this time of day I would have smoked about 6 cigarettes already. When I had my morning cigarette with my coffee I was just irritated by them and the fact that I wake up every day and have at least 3 while I drink my coffee. I drove to work today still glancing at them irritated and when I pulled up to work I got out of my truck and I threw them in the dumpster.

I really don't want to smoke anymore. Maybe the fact that it is irritating me will be a good start and lead to a final quit for me.

Again, thanks for reading and any suggestions and encouragement helps.
Posted: July 5, 2015, 7:18 PM

Hi Tiffany,

I would just like to say that it is easeir than we think to stop smoking. I did it 5 years ago and I am soooo happy for it.
Sure the first while is tough and wierd because we are always thinking about I wanna smoke, I wanna smoke, I wanna smoke, but it passes. The things that helped me were Nicotine anonymous meetings, the drug called Zyban and praying.

Everyone talks about gaining wieght. I did not beaue I had so much new energy that I walked everyday after work and had no problems.

Good luck!

Posted: January 29, 2016, 10:20 PM

For ME switching to Vaping made it SO easy to quit smoking! Granted I traded one thing for the other, BUT the super advantage I found is how easy it is to reduce the amount of nicotine I take in WITHOUT reducing how often I partake! What seemed just right to begin with which was 24mg strength (very strong) is NOW unthinkably too strong for me! I just keep lowering the mg dose while physically vaping the same amount! I am down now from originally using the 24mg to only 6mg and NOW that feels just as strong to me as 24 originally did! Same bang for much less poison. Next increment is 3mg!
Posted: January 29, 2016, 10:41 PM

BTW Nicotine itself, while having it's own potential for being bad for you is proven to be NON carcinogenic! The base liquid itself is also non carcinogenic which leaves only the potential for contaminates and whatever is used for the flavoring. By using care in sourcing the liquid (I use only USP pharmaceutical grade made in USA) I feel VERY confident that vaping is WAY WAY less of a health threat than cigarettes or other tobacco SMOKE. Not only that but once I found out that there is no absorption through the lungs of the non pyrolysed nicotine which are very small compared to non burnt nicotine, I have actually stopped inhaling, as it has nothing to do with getting the nicotine reward. I DO start to inhale because I like the "throat hit" sensation but as quick as I get that I stop inhaling and let it stand in my mouth (and often exhale through my nose ) it is these tissues and only these where the vapor is absorbed rather than the less place for harm to take place I reckon.

As an aside I have run into multiple people now that are down to vaping ZERO mg nicotine, doing it just for the flavors and something to do. Some even that have never smoked take up zero nicotine vaping as a way to avoid eating! Much eating is not even driven by hunger so it makes sense that vaping various flavors could satisfy the urge to eat somethine tasty when not really hungry! I don't know if there have been clinical studies on this and certainly anyone's milage could vary greatly.
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