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Posted: March 8, 2014, 9:57 PM


i have quit smoking 8 hours ago; i will soon go to sleep i hope i sleep for 12 hours that will make it 20 hours smoke free :)

anyway i see no good from smoking inhaling smoke and easing myself from withdrawal although i understand there is a release of dopamine that does give us pleasure or does it?

what do u think; what is the nature of ADDICTION to ciggs why are they addictive;;;; do they really give pleasure?

easier said than done

wish me good luck

if u pray pray for me
Posted: March 9, 2014, 2:04 PM

I have been addicted to various different drugs in my life I managed to beat them addictions a long time a go the thing I found hardest of all to give up was tobacco you get addicted to the nicotine so every time you smoke it's like your brain saying ahhhhh nicotine I've got my nicotine I'll be ok now that is the relaxing feeling you were talking about. I have given up for 3 whole weeks now cold turkey I did have one little relapse in the first week where I smoked about 5 cigarettes on a night out but I regretted it and stopped the next day it is going to be really hard your brain is going to try and trick you every way it can into smoking you will start to think oh actually is it that important I give up smoking, surely I could go another year of smoking then give up and I'll still be able to keep my health, I'm sure it will be ok if I just smoke 5 cigarettes a day from now on etc your brain will really try and think of every single excuse possible for you to start smoking again you have to be so strong remember why you wanted to give up in the first place and stick to it. I found playing silly games like tetris or candy crush helped take my mind off the cravings also I have been chewing a lot of chewing gum make sure it's sugar free though if not you'll put on weight just be kind to your self treat your self to little things with the money you have saved from giving up smoking and eat good healthy food you can do this don't give in to cravings if you have friends who smoke try to stay away from them just for a couple of weeks and don't drink alcohol as that will make you weak
Posted: March 10, 2014, 6:00 PM

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HI. It will take 96 hours for the nicotine to get out of your system and the withdrawal period peaks at around 72 hours... Once you get past the 96 hours it should become easier for you since the physical cravings will be gone, any craving after that is psychological so it is a matter of training your mind to forget about it... I gave up smoking 14 months ago. The first week was very hard but I didn't cave in..I am so glad that I quit, not only is it good for my health because I was diagnosed with early stage COPD but there are also many other benefits. I also save money. I am not tied to the cig, I don't stink from tobacco smoke , I don't have to go outside to smoke because where I live it is banned from many places.. It's a freedom ....Good luck... keep coming back..

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