Nearly Relapsed
Posted: June 23, 2012, 11:21 AM

i have been on here before i had not gambled online or fobt roulette for about 12 months until yesterday i got annoyed about something recently 2 new rbs cashpoints had been conveiently been set up outside my local tesco a few feet opposite is my local bookmakers i took out £300 i normally walk right past this time i went on autopilot and walked in i will only have £5 on black 5 minutes later 12 reds in a row i was doing black £300 gone i nearly started smoking again i was so angry 5 mins after leaving i went back and self excluded now banned for 60 months too tempting my cash point where my money goes in i considered getting more money out i had about another £500 left i am glad didnt now i lost £800 in 5 mins online just over a year ago roulette is evil i am so angry with myself i want to punch my own head clean off i am ex drug and booze addict about 5 years and 3 months completely clean but yesterday i had a 1 litre bottle of maliburum in my hand i nearly relasped so bad because of the gambling loss shaking i just about put the bottle back on the shelf im my local supermarket lee
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