Posted: June 3, 2012, 12:46 PM

i was on her a couple of weeks ago i wanted to relapse smoke weed drink booze start smoking again after being 5 years clean total abstinense after 20 years of getting high i DID NOT relapse and my urges have reduced considerably however i am worried for the future i live in uk i have been on welfare for the last 16 years with severe mental health problems now the uk goverment are reforming welfare i am facing a medical soon that even cancer patients are failing to score any points on and i am going to lose my disability benefits plus i have 2 spare rooms in my home so i will have to pay 25 per cent of my weekly rent which is currently £92 per week yes £92 these reforms are all happeneing at the same time my future looks extremely bleak i am going to lose most of my income with very little chance of a job given health problems and state of current job market currently 5.6 million people unemployed of working age in uk i am dreading all these welfare changes how the hell am i going to stay clean with all this going on???? lee
Posted: June 6, 2012, 11:30 AM

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Ask yourself this, Lee. What purpose would it serve if you used?

Life is hard. Drugs don't make it easier. Just more complicated. Where would you get the money to buy them?

It's not worth it, but you are.

I used Drugs to forget, I got clean to remember.
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