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Posted: February 6, 2009, 5:26 PM

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Hi guys, Clean date 12/23/06. veteran married(separated,but dating and sharing $), started heroin age twenty in germany(berlin brigade) pot,coke returned to smack. Worked post office (carrier) clean several time total 2 years not at one time longest nine months.Age 53, Rehabs,detoxes,od's,and close calls. disability pension on lw back 1998(discs in lumbar), Didn't want to take any more chances everyone going to jail and dying but me. Took chance and cold turkey .Sick for 1 yr. Survived kidney stones turned all my vicodan back in to nurse at VA ( held them myself 1 month ,pain not great enough to take.) heart attack symptoms jan 15th 2008 ( called ems 4:00am myself live alone) 2 stints put in.Didn't use little by little got temp job at VA went to lots of meetings 2 years filed for loan and OVR(state ) borrowed $12,000 got admitted as 2nd semester sophomore, took all credits from 1973-75 ( St. Vincent College before army) Took placements. Now I am a Junior in Organized leadership grade avg 3.84. Gained 30lbs belong to Jewish Community Center Health Club.No time to blame anyone or anything, know how to budget. Like a millionaire with no money. Go to meetings when able very busy now but still go 3 times a week..

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