Marina's Musical Health-i Am A Food-a-holic!
Posted: January 26, 2009, 3:18 PM

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As a 50 year old mom of 3 who has lost 100 pounds I obviously have many opinions on achieving a weight loss goal. We all hear our own drum beat when it comes to the "battle of the bulge". Unfortunately most of us who struggle with this have it throughout our lives. I refer to myself as a food-a-holic and that I am in recovery, never really healed.
I had the opportunity of interviewing Carnie Wilson on one of my Musical Health Podcasts. Interesting...nice lady. Here is a woman who many of us grew up with watching her images flash across the screen on MTV while she sang with group Wilson Phillips. Here obesity was at a peek at that time. Beautiful face , lovely singer...good song "Hold On!"
I discussed "Musical Health" with Carnie...the idea that we musicians/singers and entertainers hold a large card in getting people motivated to move.

For music is the universal language to us all. Not just beats(bpm) and tempo, but style, lyrics and emotional subject can tap our core to places that have a key to our memory. Gives us feelings that can take our mind away to another place in time. The soundtrack of our lives. This can often distract us long enough, if we pop on headphones and move, to go that extra mile on a treadmill...or bounce that extra couple of minutes on a rebounder...etc....cardio important as it is usually is the thing that most of us dread, Yes, even though I run 3 miles everyday complete with ab work, arm raises, stretching....etc...I too need that musical health motivation. This is why I write music. Selfish of me. For while writing music for the fitness community, then listening to the track and working on lyrics and vocals there after...this enabled me to keep my fitness regime in check long enough to lose 100 pounds. Composing and writing is still how I stay motivated. Writing music for others to in turn help myself. See?

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