My Story..still In Progress, Far From Over.
Posted: March 4, 2005, 2:56 AM

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I was born an addict.

From the time I was a little girl, I have done things to the extreme. It has not served me well.

My name is Lisa (Cowgirl) and I am an addict. I have been clean this time around for 1 year. My birthdate is April 28th, 2004. I have been addicted to pain pills since I was about 18, I am now 45. Vicodin and Percocet were my favorites although I wasn't picky. If it was mind altering and numbed my emotional pain then I swallowed it. I got presricptions from Dr's, I took from friends and family and I bought them off of the street. It boggles my mind the amount of pills and money I have gone through in 25 years. This is how I got clean:

I started listening. My Grandmother always told me to not miss an opportunity to shut my mouth and listen.

I go to meetings and I share about what's wrong with me, not with what's wrong with others.

I work with my sponser on the steps and I tell her everything, no matter how painful or shameful.

I found this board and I ask for help and in turn try to help others.

I keep myself safe by not falling back into those old behaviors and I spread those safety nets so that I can't trip and fall.

I wanted this. I want to live a clean life and be the person, wife and mother that I know I'm capable of being but while on drugs, had no clue.

Wow..wrote this 5 years ago or was it 6? Can't

Best part of this story? I'm still clean. I'm still doing what's suggested.

Updated on the 4/27/2012
Today is my belly button birthday, I'm 52 years old today. Tomorrow, I get to celebrate an even better birthday, 9 years of clean and sober.
I'd like to add my first day free of nicotine to that day as well.
Without this board, the people here who never gave up on me and the program, I doubt I would have ever lived to see this birthday today. I am so grateful.

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I used Drugs to forget, I got clean to remember.
Posted: May 2, 2014, 12:43 PM

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10 years!

Wow...I've been reading through some of the success stories of posters who are no longer here.. I miss them. Miss this board. I am clean 10 years because of this board. Well, and a few other things that worked. Like the 12 steps.

Life is so good. I am a grandmother. My husband and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage in next Jan. The dream came through..I worked it because I knew it was worth it. That life could be better. I didn't have to die an addict.


I used Drugs to forget, I got clean to remember.
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