Son On Suboxone For 20 Years?
Posted: November 18, 2022, 6:52 AM

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My son has used suboxone for 20 years. He has snorted in for 5 that I know of. When do counselors tell you that you have a suboxone problem? I really believe he does other things as well even though his weekly scheduled urine test is “usually “clean". But his behavior is erratic, aggressive, and bizarre. My timid, gentle son scares me, and he swears he doesn’t have a drug problem. If he doesn’t, he has serious mental issues. I evicted him from my house after 4 years of no rent and getting stuck with the water bill. He is livid! He breaks in my home; tells the cops I am the one trespassing and having bowel movements on my floor and in my tub. My husband of 39 years died October 21st, so I'm already stressed and now I am scared as well. He is supposed to be in a crisis house but waiting on an inpatient rehab he tells my sister-in-law is supposed to be to treat his Asperger's which was never diagnosed by the counselors or psychiatrist I took him to. I am lost other than to just pray he gets better. Any suggestions are welcome.
Posted: December 16, 2022, 12:50 AM

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I want to say I am sorry for the loss of your husband. My husband was helping to take care of his father for two years while our son was on the addiction roller coaster. It stinks knowing that your son could be helping the family but he chooses to be another part of the problem. The life you are describing sounds completely exhausting. After many years of trying to help our son, I got to the point where I felt that life is truly difficult. There is a lot of heartbreak and sadness. I just thought, whoever doesn’t have heartbreak, doesn’t have kids, lol. I did get to the point where I thought, it’s either him or me and I could not save either one of us until I moved out of our house, temporarily. I was contributing to his behavior even if I only gave a pack of cigs. I was cornered into it. And could not say no. We asked son to leave and I left also, I had just lost my job, so I went to stay with friends for a few months.
In reading your posts I am most concerned about your health and safety. This might be a good time to liquidate your assets and downsize. Use some time to escape and take care of yourself. After my son left, and left our state, I still locked my bedroom door while sleeping. It took a year for me to feel safe enough to not lock the door. My son was not as unpredictable as yours.
You might be able to take a home eq loan in order to float some expenses, hire a professional to get the houses ready to sell. Put your stuff in storage. Find your happy place and rent for a while. You really deserve some time for yourself.
Posted: January 9, 2023, 10:33 PM

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Good advice ny florida.

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