Party Problem Spreading In Apartment Building
Posted: September 2, 2021, 11:38 AM

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Rant but bad sign for youngish 'adults'. Can jump to last paragraph or two.

Been having problems with party people neighbor in apartment building. Over the last few months their lifestyle spread to one of their neighbors. The primary partier became pals and/or probably manipulated their neighbor close in age and maturity for rides, favors etc.It's now a college dormitory lifestyle for 30 something women and boyfriends, roomates etc.

It's not uncommon for the halls and entrance way to wreek of alcohol around lunchtime, other smells comeout of that apt as well so their probably smoking more that cigarettes or pot. They are also always in a hurry, always rushing to do things especially the second apt party neighbor. Judging by the hours they keep including work most would need a picker upper through out the day ie they're using somekind of stimulant/s. There is game play as late or early as 4 in morning. One person up there gets up by alarm and is playing games less than 5 minutes later. Get a week or two of quiet after speak to landlord.

I saw the thread about the 30 year nephew which ironically is the age of the problem people here. They obviously haven't matured yet and are headed for the same life for decades. They are living like college kids and yet they go to work instead of class. They seem to live for the next high. The parties and gatherings are there for supplying and validating their habits as much as anything.

Point being I've seen too many not make the transition for teen college kid to adult and after so many years of living a bar, drug and/or party lifestyle sooner or later that will become the norm for them. They will know nothing else. They will not have a sober or different life to return to. This is dangerous and why more should be expected out of younger adults by their mid 20s. Those who don't take life seriously by 25 are headed down a one way path forever.

Posted: September 2, 2021, 7:58 PM

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Hi Samegame!!! It's great to hear from you sorry for the bummer circumstances...I would think the lifestyle they are living would catch up to them in some way like missing work or poor job performance, relationship or financial issues, evictions?!? IDK I can't imagine burning the candle at both ends in my 30's. Had a lot of fun in college in my early 20's I think into the 30s would be tough however I'm 63 (today!!) So I'm probably what we used to call an 'old fogie'.

Would you be able to move to an area of the apartment which has more settled residents? It doesn't sound like they listened to the landlord for very long. I hope you are able to find some peace. So important for our well being. Take good care !!!
Posted: September 3, 2021, 4:10 PM

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Glad to see familiar faces still on the board.

I've been looking for a new apartment, mobile home or discounted house but the rent or buy market is really messed up. Investors are into everything. Some mobile home parks around here are selling over 1/2 dozen homes at a time. Listings don't last long and if there is there's a problem or high price. 3-18 month wait to get in. Many communities stopped foreclosure auctions.

It's frustrating because it's like I traded problems although I've had around year with minimal issues with the family alkie. Even more frustrating I've seen the pattern, profile etc in the noisy neighbors escalating party behavior at work, home, peers, etc which makes it worse in some respects but easier to understand. I don't accept their behavior but I see what's going on. It's like they are waiting, literally waiting for the next party here or elsewhere. I figure the quiet is their hangover time. But they way they switch gears go from dead calm to party mode let alone hours, figuring there has to be other drugs/stimulants involved.

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