Blacking Out And Still Functioning
Posted: August 9, 2020, 6:44 PM

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My son is an alcoholic. He is able to function after he is blacked out. He has had so much alcohol in his system that he stopped breathing and had to be intubated and they weren't sure if he would live. His alcohol level was .40. He was without oxygen for so long they weren't sure if he would have brain damage. Before this he had a DUI and had to go to DUI school. Between the two I thought he would get a jolt of reality, He has lost all his friends because no one wants to be around him because of his violence when he is drunk. Last night he got drunk at his sister's wedding and he tried to fight his nephew, brother-in-law and family friend. He doesn't remember anything at all. He only knows that his Dad practically had to wrestle him to get him to leave the wedding and was asking him why he had to leave the wedding and all he wanted to do was be with his sisters. He said, I was just dancing with my little nephews, that's all I was doing Dad, why do you want me to go to my room. He cannot drink just a little. He has to drink till he is wasted beyond recognition. Why is he able to function while blacked out? How is that possible? He is so angry all the time. He is either angry or drunk. He has lost good jobs because of missing work due to being hung over. He graduated c** Laude from college and is so capable, but his alcohol will kill him. His Dad said, I know I will bury my son and you have come to terms with that.
Posted: August 9, 2020, 10:56 PM

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Welcome Grace and Hope so sorry for your son's addiction. To answer your question...I don't think he is functioning, at all, sadly. DUI, Lost jobs, fighting with people, asked to leave social events, inability to stop drinking once he starts...there is no functioning. He has a severe addiction and he needs help if he is willing to take it. He sounds like he has great potential and I hope he will acknowledge and seek help. Addiction is a horrible thing to have and it takes over and destroys. I hope he will seek treatment sooner rather than later.
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