How To Help My Children
Dot du Toit
Posted: May 18, 2016, 3:47 AM

I need guidance to help my son & his wife whom has been using CAT. My son has been sent to a rehab centre by his father. The father has the financial means and makes the decisions regarding the programs he thinks most suitable. I'm not at all educated with any kind of abuse and find that he dictates and pays, but no emotional support. He and his wife is quite abusive toward the children thus only securing a feeling of total lack of love and understanding to the problem. I'm very emotional and can only offer my love and support and find myself continuously being abused by the father being threatened to take my grandson from them and also meets with the centre where they attend a rehab program, we never know if the treats is real or not. Every week there is something else, always negative and abusive toward me and the children. I'm unfortunately not in a financial position to make any demands and had a phone call this morning again threatening me with "section 33" (I have no idea what this entails), I'm being told that he will again send my son away, which is fine, however my daughter in law is merely abandoned and grandson continually being used as a pawn to continue the emotional blackmail. The children decided to place my grandson in the care of my daughter in laws mother (she's home every day and can care better for him than anybody else at this stage), thus sheltering him from the emotional happenings they're going through. The problem at the moments is that the "Dad" plays a emotional game with the children forever threatening them that he will have the child taken away and placed in foster care. This dark cloud hanging over the heads of the children is busy taking a toll and hampering the progress and possible positive progress they could make. My ex accused me of being the reason for them not progressing, I have only been a support for them as a "FAMILY", not always going back with negative accusations but rather to be used as a support if and when needed. I have always tried to be there for them and not just for my son and grandson. My ex and his wife is continually cruel towards my daughter in law and lies the blame for the drug abuse on her, however my son lived with his father whom has a son from his 2nd marriage whom has been involved with drugs from a very young age, this son is now "clean" for +/- 2 years. PLEASE HELP ME TO HELP MY CHILDREN
Posted: May 23, 2016, 7:21 PM

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Hi mom. I'm BabyLove. I know it must be crazy hard having to go through all that torment.. but just remember your the mom and you have a heart as strong as cast iron. Not only are you caring and smart but your brave and are always ready to battle anything that comes in the way of you and your family. If it's drugs or just a very cruel individual, you have what it takes to fight for what is yours. Remember, birth isn't easy at all. You already have experienced tremendous pain that you can say was also beautiful. ! See, who else beside another mom can say that. ? That right there says your tougher then tough! Your strong and there is nothing you won't do for the well being of your family. You have always been a good mom, your still a good mom and you have always wanted the best for the family you created.! Without you, then they would of never been . Thanks to you mom your the glue that hold your family together like a puzzle. What ever shall happen just remember God's with you. All the mom's here are with you. And we all know you will try your darndest hardest to keep your family together and safe. I know what ever you decide to do , it is only out of the best choice you feel is right.!

Come back here if you need to talk to us. Ill be here to give you more help and encouragement. ! Don't forget to pray.!!!

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